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Sunday Subtotal 1/15/17

I spoke in my last post about keeping a better eye on my finances. So, I’ve decided to start logging all of my payments in a simple spreadsheet. For this, I’m using Open Office Calc, but Microsoft Excel would work just as well, if not better.  If I make any drastic improvements, I’ll probably post some tutorials. I’d also love to hear any tips if anyone has something to share. For now, the spreadsheet is nothing fancy, just four columns. I’m tracking who, what,  when, and how much. I have a short description of who I paid, such as the electric company to take care of the who. For what I have a category, such as utilities. The date I made the payment is the when. For the sake of simplicity regarding online payments, I’m counting the date I scheduled the payment, since I resolved to take care of bills on the spot rather than letting them site. Lastly, I have the amount, which is pretty much the most important piece.

And, to keep me honest about saving money, I’m going to post it here weekly. I will note that this is an excerpt, because there’s no sense posting about regular payments that are, for the most part, outside of my control. I don’t see my mortgage payment changing often, after all. Emergency expenses haven’t come up yet, so I’ll decide whether they’re worth showing once I have some to show.





Giant Foods Groceries 01/08/17 $80.16
Quotations Social 01/12/17 $30.00


The trip to Quotations was a social outing for work. I spent more than I planned, but not really more than I had planned for social activities, so we’re doing pretty good there. I think next time I’m going to try to not order dinner while I’m at one of these gatherings. That through my meal planning a bit off, and was the only time I ate out this week.

I already had a pretty good idea of how much I was spending on food a week, since I was eating out for lunch daily. In total, I didn’t make much headway in that department. At least this way I have numbers to back me up. I’m considering also running a monthly total on these numbers to track my progress at a different granularity.  I have a working theory that my food budget will even out starting next week. I guess we’ll have to see about that one.